Selecting the Right Christmas Tree

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Christmas time is creeping up quickly and before you know it, the holiday will soon be here! Due to COVID, it seems that many people are ready to get into the holiday spirit. If you take a quick glance at Instagram, you can see several people already putting up their holiday decorations to help brighten the mood.

In fact, a quick drive down one of the many streets in Longmont and you can see lit up Christmas trees already in the windows.

Choosing the right Christmas tree has always been a time-honored tradition. While many people opt for the simplicity of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree, there are many out there that love the experience that comes with going out to find the perfect real tree to decorate.

Here’s a simple guide approved by our Boulder area tree care specialists to help you find the perfect Christmas tree for your family!

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Fresh Cut Trees

If opting for a real Christmas tree, but don’t want to cut it yourself, many places offer fresh-cut trees. Here’s a few tips on how to find the perfect fresh-cut Christmas tree:

  • Hold the tree up and look at it from every angle. You’ll want to examine the shape from several directions. You’ll want to be sure that it has balanced foliage, color and smell.
  • Look for trees that have a straight trunk and you also want to make sure that there’s enough foliage to hide the trunk near the middle and top areas.
  • To check the freshness of the tree, examine the trunk. It will need to have a little bit of sticky texture to it and not be too dry.
  •  For a longer lasting try, check the needles. They should be able to stay on the tree and not pull off easily. You can also tap the trunk lightly on the ground to see if needles fall off easily.
  • Examine the color of the tree. You’ll want it to be a dark green color. If the tree has a slightly grey tone to it, it’s probably too dried out.
  • Choose a tree that naturally grows in Colorado. Look for White Pines and Spruces of different varieties. Or, if you need more guidance, our Longmont tree service and removal professionals would be happy to assist!

Here are a few places to find fresh cut trees in the Longmont area:

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Cut Your Own Christmas Tree – Cut a Christmas Tree Yourself!

If you’re looking for that true authentic Christmas tree, cutting one down yourself can be a great family experience. You can all bundle up in your winter gear and head out to one of the many forests in Colorado to find the most perfect tree.

Here’s a few tips for cutting down your tree:

  • Find out which national parks and forests in Colorado you’re allowed to cut down trees in. Typically, you’ll need to get a permit to do this, which costs about $20. You can visit Colorado’s Land Management site for more info!
  • Cut trees at the base, so you don’t leave a large stump.
  • Don’t top the tree (meaning, don’t cut far above the base!)
  • Make sure you measure the tree so that it will fit on top of your car and in your home.
  • Bring a handsaw, since most areas don’t allow for chainsaw cutting.
  • Take some pruning shears with you, so you can cut away branches at the base.
  • Don’t forget the rope! That way you can tie it down to the roof of your car.
  • Bring some gloves, not only will it prevent them from getting cold, you’ll also appreciate not getting scraped by the tree needles.

Taking Care of your Christmas Tree

Now that you’ve brought your Christmas tree home, you’ll want to try and extend the life of it. With proper steps, you can probably get about three weeks out of your tree before it starts to dry up.

Here are some steps for taking care of it to try and extend its life:

  • Make sure that your tree always has plenty of water to drink. Check the water level daily and refill as needed.
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources like vents or fireplaces. This will prevent your tree from drying out quickly.
  • Put smaller lights on trees. Larger lights tend to dry the tree out faster.
  • Some people add a bit of sugar to the water to provide food for it.
  • One you cut your tree, put it immediately in water so that the trunk does not dry out.

Where are you getting your Christmas tree this year? Let us know!

If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to visit some of our other articles about tree care or contact one of our Longmont tree service professionals for more tips about selecting the right Christmas tree!

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