Trees Can Make You a Happier Healthier Human!

Beautiful tree landscape in Longmont, CO
Beautiful scenery of trees in Longmont!

Our tree service experts in Longmont, CO really love trees – in fact, sometimes we hug them. We have a deep respect for nature and especially the trees we’ve been tasked with taking care of. Trees are known to provide a sense of comfort and a feeling of calm, and we definitely feel that in our day-to-day interactions with trees.

Many people most likely feel this sense of calm when they are hiking in the Colorado mountains or even spending time in a tree-filled park. While many people don’t realize a tree’s natural ability to have a calming effect, we believe that everyone should have this knowledge. Being surrounded by trees leads to improved health, being more creative, and being kinder to others according to recent studies. There’s something about trees that better humanity as a whole. That’s something to celebrate!

Trees not only give us life through the oxygen we breathe or creating clean air for our planet, trees also have several other important benefits.

One of our Longmont tree care experts found some awesome research on how trees can assist in our overall well-being. Here are some of the more findings from that research!

Feel less stressed

The biggest benefit of hanging around trees and being in nature is that it helps reduce our stress and anxiety. Being in nature helps us feel more calm.

In fact, studies show that forest bathing (walking around in forests and wooded areas among trees) can help us deal with the day-to-day stressful events that we all experience on a daily basis.

One Japanese study showed that young adults reported a decrease in stressful emotions after walking for only 15 minutes in a forested area. The participants that walked in these wooded areas experienced a decrease in depression, anxiety, rage, brain fog and fatigue. They also reported an increase in an overall feeling of happiness. The results were even stronger when people reported dealing with depression and anxiety.

Some Japanese doctors are even starting to prescribe forest bathing as therapy for their clients who are experiencing mental health issues. Surprisingly, studies have even found that simply looking at photos of forests can improve our emotions and give us a greater sense of purpose!

Trees improve our overall health

Not only does spending time in forests, parks, and wooded areas improve our mental health, it also improves our overall health too. Studies show that the elderly community have improved their immune systems after simply visiting forested areas! That’s impressive

Trees can also improve our heart health too. Studies have also found that people who hike or walk in tree filled areas have lower blood pressure, cortisol levels and pulse rates. It also put people in a more parasympathetic state that’s associated with relaxation. Because all of these markets are related to heart health, it’s believed that walking in forests thus improves our hearth health and cardiovascular system!

If you don’t live near a forested area – or aren’t seeking out tree removal in Boulder, CO – you can still get the health benefits from trees. City dwellers can visit tree filled parks to get the health benefits similar to forested areas.

There really is something truly healing about trees in the most literal sense! Just ask our tree care experts about this!

Trees reduce crime in neighborhoods

Studies show that urban areas with more trees have a reduction in crime! This is incredible news for cities with high crime rates.

Research shows that neighborhoods within cities that have a large tree canopy coverage and green space have substantially lower rates in crime compared to other areas. Crime rates for drugs, robbery, assaults drop significantly in these areas.

Some speculate that the reason for this is due to tree’s calming effects. As we mentioned above, trees can reduce anxiety, rage, and aggressive behaviors that are associated with crime. Trees also have a way of drawing people in and creating a sense of community, which overall makes neighborhoods feel safe.

Trees make us better humans as a whole

Studies also show that just being in nature makes us kinder, caring and more loving humans. It simply makes us care more about other humans too!

People who study trees (much like our Longmont tree service experts) noted that overall they felt a feeling of inspiration, awe, creativity and kindness. They felt as if there was a deeper meaning to our world and a sense that there was something much bigger in the universe at play. They also felt as if they were more connected to nature and humans too.

As you can see, trees just make us better humans. Our Boulder tree care specialists are lucky that we get to interact with trees and nature every single day. We also take time to get into nature more, especially taking advantage of the surrounding beauty that Colorado has to offer.

Many of our tree service professionals in Longmont also like to plant trees in our surrounding area to increase these psychological and physical benefits that trees have to offer. (We also offer tree trimming in Boulder too!)

If you’re interested in adding trees to your own property, reach out to one of our tree removal pros in Longmont. In the meantime, check out our services menu to learn more about how we can help you! Feel free to reach out about our stump removal in Longmont too!

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