Tree Service – How Much Will It Cost Me?

When our Longmont tree care experts are out and about serving the community, there are some common questions that customer often ask us. Mainly, they want to know “how much is this going to cost me?” We’ve put together a few helpful commonly asked questions that address tree service costs below. For more detailed information on our services, visit our services page HERE.

Tree service truck in Longmont, CO

Tree Trimming Your Trees

The costs for tree trimming in Boulder county varies and is dependent on several different factors that our Longmont tree service professionals take into consideration. Hiring an arborist to trim and prune your tree often ranges from as little as $100 and can go up to over $1,000 depending on the size of your tree. $300 tends to be the average price for most tree trimming services.

Of course, the size of the tree is the tree is the biggest factor when it comes to the cost of the tree service in Boulder, CO. Smaller trees are usually about $100. Larger trees tend to be on the higher end to trim, mostly because of the sheer number of limbs, equipment involved and also the labor to remove the branches.

It’s important to note that these costs above are for one tree only. If you have many trees on your property, the pricing can often double!

Removing a Tree From Your Property

Removing a tree from your property will be the most expensive tree service we provide. The reason why Longmont tree service is so costly is because of the extensive amount of labor involved. Tree removal is a difficult process that is best left to the experts. Tree service professionals need to remove trees one section at a time. For larger trees, this can be a labor intensive process. Once they’ve cut the tree down, they also need to haul the tree away, which is usually included in the quote

Stump Removal From Your Property

When you have your tree removed, note that the stump will remain unless you request it to be removed. Many of our customers find the stump to be unsightly or difficult to cover in their landscaping. The stump removal does come at an additional cost that can be factored into the quote. Stump removal requires that we grind down the stump or we can dig it up. Prices for stump removal vary depending on the size of the stump. On average the cost of stump removal in Longmont can range anywhere from $65 – $350.

DIY Tree Care

For property owners that want to save a little money or have a specific budget, then there are opportunities to do some DIY tree care. While it’s always best to hire a tree care professional in Boulder, often tree trimming or pruning can be done by the home owner themselves, especially for smaller trees.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority when trimming your own trees. Make sure and have the property safety equipment with you at all times. This includes gloves, safety glasses, work boots and long sleeved shirts.

We suggest getting an extendable tree trimming tool to cut down low hanging branches. This is a great tool to use that is very reasonably priced. You’ll need to be cautious when using this tool though, due to falling limbs and branches. Oftentimes, branches are heavier AND larger than looks would appear.

As always, we highly recommend hiring a tree service professional to trim your trees rather than going the DIY route.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our Longmont tree service experts or visit any one of our other blog posts to learn more about tree care.

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