Tips to Prepare for Short Fall Hikes in Colorado

Hiking in Colorado in the fall
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Our tree service experts in Longmont love traveling to areas like Estes Park during this time of year to hike in the Fall. We’re admirers of the trees changing colors this time of year.

Hikes in Colorado during the fall offer the chance to enjoy gorgeous scenery and the beautiful fall leaves. Those who are not experienced hikers may want to make sure they have everything they need before heading out on the trails. Use these tips to prepare for short hikes in the fall.

Always Check the Weather

Check the weather before going out. It’s never fun to be caught in a rainstorm on a mountain trail, and it could be incredibly dangerous. If the weather may be poor, save the hike for another day.

Start Early in the Morning

Earlier starts allow you to go further before the hottest parts of the day and can enable you to miss out on the crowds common during the fall months. By leaving early, you can enjoy the sights without a crowd.

Plan Where to Hike

Many trails offer options for which way to go. View a map of the trail to plan out the trip ahead of time. Bring the map along just in case it’s needed while hiking.

Wear Layers

Weather changes and you’ll warm up as you hike. Wear layers so it’s easy to take off a jacket or sweater when it gets to be too warm and put it back on if you start to get chilly again.

Fall hiking footwear in CO
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Wear the Right Shoes

Never wear sandals, flip-flops, or dress shoes to go hiking. Even for a short hike, wearing the right shoes can prevent falls, injuries to your feet, and other potential issues. You’re safer with hiking boots or shoes than you would be otherwise.

Bring Extra Water

Be sure to bring plenty of water. Hydration is a common issue with hikers. If you’re walking and start to get a headache or feel any other signs of dehydration, take a drink before continuing. Turn around before you’re halfway through with the water supply.

Pack Food to Eat

Hiking burns a lot of calories, so bring foods to snack on while walking. Remember to hold onto any trash from the snacks and throw them away in a designated trash can at the park or home. Never leave any trash in the parks to help preserve them for the future.

Have Emergency Supplies On Hand

Have a small first aid kit with basic supplies on hand. Though the plan is for a short walk, if anything does happen, having a first aid kit on hand can allow you to get back to the car without issue.

Hike With Someone Else

Always hike with someone else. It’s best if they’re a more experienced hiker, but not necessary. When two or more people are hiking together, if one person is hurt, there is someone to get help.

If you’re ready to enjoy the gorgeous fall scenery in Colorado, but you’re an inexperienced hiker or new to the area, use these tips for a short hike. You’ll be prepared for anything and will have the opportunity to enjoy the views without worry.

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