Tree Service Tips for Winter in Longmont, CO

A stump from a tree removal job in Longmont, CO.

Why You Should Service Your Trees In Winter

Though it doesn’t seem like trees do much growing during the coldest months of the year in Colorado, it’s not the time to skip calling a Longmont tree service professional for help when needed. In Colorado, trees are susceptible to damage from cold weather, ice, and snow. Proper care can help keep them in good shape and make sure they’re ready to start growing again in the spring.

Prune and Trim in Longmont

The beginning of winter is an excellent time to have a professional handle tree trimming and pruning. Trimming and pruning remove damaged or weak branches that could end up breaking under the weight of snow. It also helps to remove any branches that are no longer needed, so the trees can focus growth where it matters when the weather starts to warm up in the spring.

Add Mulch Around Trees

Drought is a common problem for trees in the winter since there won’t be much rain. Mulch can help keep water in the soil, preventing drought and damage to the trees. To add mulch, start a few inches away from the tree’s base and pour a five to six-inch layer of mulch around the tree. The mulch should extend at least two feet from the tree in all directions. Use organic matter, not plastic or fake mulch, around the trees.

Remove Damaged Trees

Winter can be an excellent time to tackle tree removal in Longmont if it’s needed. If a tree is damaged, hazardous, or otherwise a problem, have a tree service professional remove it and the stump. Throughout the winter, the chips from the stump can break down in the soil where the tree used to be, adding nutrients to the ground. By spring, the space will be ready for a new tree, grass, or anything else that will be planted.

Prevent Cold Stress

When the weather changes rapidly during the day, trees can suffer from cold stress. This appears as cracks in the bark. In most cases, the tree is able to repair itself, but some trees require added protection to help prevent this from happening. Wrap new trees or tropical plants with a tree blanket or something similar to help keep the tree at a more consistent temperature and to avoid damage from the cold weather.

Keep an Eye on the Trees

Periodically during the winter, check for pests that may have decided the tree is their home. Rodents can cause significant damage to trees during the winter month. Professionals can help remove the rodents and protect the tree from further damage. Removal may require baits, traps, or repellants. A professional can help determine the right course of action depending on the pest damaging the tree.

The wintertime is perfect for getting trees ready for spring growth, as well as for other tasks like trimming or removal. If any of these services are needed, contact a professional today and make sure the job is done. With proper care during the winter, the trees will stay healthier and thrive during the spring and summer months.

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