Three Top Higher-Education Institutions in Colorado Students Should Consider

Our tree service team in Longmont knows that choosing a college or university can be challenging.

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Many of our tree service teams here in Longmont know the challenge of finding the right school for our children. It’s often find it difficult to choose a university or college. You want a school that will help them launch a successful career, but it needs to do much more than this. It should give them an opportunity to explore life and be independent. Colorado is home to many amazing colleges. For those who wish to pursue a degree in this state, the following three institutions should appear on the list of schools to consider.

Colorado School of Mines

Founded in 1874, the Colorado School of Mines serves as the dream school for many students who wish to pursue a career in the sciences. This public institution is home to approximately 5,200 students and spans 500 acres. In-state students pay $19,100 for tuition and fees, while those who reside out of the state may attend school here for $39,800.

Located in Golden, Colorado, the Colorado School of Mines is a public engineering and applied sciences academy. Students choose from several departments, including Geophysics and Mechanical Engineering. However, they may also take classes in International Studies, Business, Liberal Arts, and more.

Students often choose this school because they love the beauty of the state. They know they will receive a good education while having access to ample outdoor recreational opportunities. Situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the school provides easy access to biking, hiking, and climbing. Many who attend this institution spend the winter months skiing and snowboarding.

On-campus activities remain plentiful, as well. The Orediggers fall under the NCAA Division II Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, and students choose from popular sports such as swimming, football, and cross country. Those who aren’t athletic may take part in over 140 clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities.

University of Colorado Boulder

Two years after the founding of the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Colorado Boulder opened its doors to students. This non-profit public state university is home to between 35,000 and 39,000 students and accepts both men and women. A student may choose to purchase their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees attending this school and select from courses and programs such as Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, and Multicultural Education.

When determining which students to accept, the school reviews entrance exams, past academic records, and prior grades. Over 80 percent of applicants are accepted, and many students take part in distance education programs. In fact, over 10,000 students engage only in distance learning when attending this university. Students may take part in study abroad and exchange programs and have ample extracurricular activities on campus they can choose to join.

In-state tuition for students starts at $10,728. Additional fees run $1738, and students will pay $15,220 for room and board. Out-of-state tuition begins at $31,284 with additional fees costing $1,738 for these students. Room and board remain the same. Two-thirds of enrolled students receive financial aid.

Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Located in Fort Collins, less than one hour from Denver, Colorado State University is a public institution. Established in 1870, the school currently serves approximately 25,000 students on a 4,773-acre campus. In-state students pay $12,260 in tuition and fees, while students who reside in another state pay $31,540.

Students choose from over 150 degrees across eight colleges and may pursue a graduate degree in engineering, education, and business. Many students choose this university so they can attend the renowned College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Experts consider this university among the top research schools in the country today.

The campus is home to over 500 registered student organizations. In addition, students may take part in one of the many sports teams, sports clubs, and intramurals, including basketball, soccer, and tennis. Furthermore, students benefit from a recreation center, where they can scale a climbing wall, float down a lazy river, and more. Students will find they have plenty of time to work and play when they live on this beautiful campus.

Regardless of which Colorado school a person chooses to attend, they know they will be surrounded by friendly people who wish to help them succeed. As a result, taking this step becomes easier. Learn more about higher-education institutions and others in the state to determine which is right for you.

If you have any questions about arborist programs at some of these colleges, our tree service pros in Longmont would be more than happy to chat with you. You can visit our contact page to reach us.

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