About Us

Longs Peak Tree Service believes in top notch customer service. Our goal is to provide a quality job at a fair price. This was our primary goal when we started our business and holds true today. Whether you need a little tree trimming done, a lot cleared for a new building site or tidy up your yard with stump removal, our tree service experts in Longmont, CO can do that effectively and at a competitive price. We handle all of your tree care needs.

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What People Say

Safety Comes First

At Longs Peak Tree Service safety always comes first when it comes to our tree services. We require that our tree removal professionals in Longmont have extensive training in safety techniques to ensure that when we remove your trees, we adhere to OSHA standards and ISA standard practices. This makes certain that everything comes down safely to prevent damage to our customer’s property and the surrounding landscaping, even during wind storms and foul weather. Reach out to one of our Boulder area tree care experts to learn more about our safety measures.

Outstanding Service

We believe that local knowledge is also key to the tree challenges in Colorado, knowing the trees, how they grow in the environment, how to deal with common pests and what the trees need to be healthy. For our clients who want trees planted, we work with local nurseries to help assure that they get the right trees for the soil conditions and sunlight levels in your area and that the desired compliment to your landscaping is achieved. For our clients who need stump grinding, we offer that as well! Call us today for your tree care needs in the Boulder, CO area!

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