Tree Bracing

Tree Bracing and Cabling Services

For some of our Longmont customers, and despite their best efforts, sometimes trees can grow in a way that can threaten the safety of the property. It can also have a huge impact on the health of the tree.

What can often cause trees to not grow properly? It’s often when trees are not trained to grow straight when they are young or not properly pruned. You’ll often see trees that have over two trunks not grow properly. Some trees that have large canopies can also grow downward.

Another reason for this is that often newly planted trees can become weak or less stable. This can be caused poor root balls, root damage, planting in compact soil o in too shallow holes.

To help with this, we offer tree support systems. This involves cabling, bracing, and staking trees. This allows assistance for trees with structural and instability issues. When our team performs this service, you’ll often see that:

  • It reduces the likelihood of structural failure, especially during the winter months.
  • It will extend the life of an old tree
  • It provides added stability to newly-transplanted trees.

Longs Peak Tree Service will take a look at your trees to diagnose any structural issues that might be impacting the tree. We’ll also see if there is risk to the surrounding property. We’ll also advise you if cabling is appropriate to remedy or recommend a system that’s best for your tree.

Tree removal in Longmont, CO.

Benefits of Bracing and Cabling Systems

Professional tree service pros use cables, braces and stakes to help support trees. These devices are used to support the tree by helping to limit the movement of branches or trunks. This way, we can provide extra support to weak areas of the tree. The bracing and cabling can also be very restrictive for the tree, so we only take this action for unhealthy trees. We want to make sure that the condition is appropriate for the tree and if at any point is is detrimental or not helping, we will advise a tree removal.

DIY bracing should be avoided and left to our tree service professionals.  Our arborists have both the training and the extensive expertise to determine the right methods to support your tree. We also have the tools and systems that will be most effective with the least amount of damage. We’ll also take great care to assess and adjust on a regular basis when necessarily to help correct your tree and return it to its property health. In the end, this will not only benefit your tree, but also reduce the risk of potential damage to your property.

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Preventing the need for bracing or cabling

Proper tree pruning and trimming is the most effective way to prevent the need for any type of support system due to structural defects in your tree. You’ll want to make sure that you get periodic maintenance from your tree each year. This is a more affordable measure to keep your trees as healthy as possible.

You can trust Longs Peak Tree Service’s arborists to care of your tree every two years to avoid structural issues in your tree. Routine pruning and trimming services are the best ways to keep your tree thriving throughout its life. Visit our tree trimming services to learn more.

Support Systems We Use

  • Cabling: Cabling is a system we use that restricts the distance branches can move. Cables are often installed in the upper crown. Cabling systems are made from steel wire, which helps create minimal movement in the tree.
  • Bracing: Braces are installed in trees to help reduce the risk of the leaders splitting or to repair splits. Braces are installed directly through weak branches. When bracing rods are combined with cabling the tree will get the best support.
  • Staking: Staking is used to hold a tree upright or to straighten the trunk. You often see staking used to assist a young tree’s trunk or strapping wires to tree. Staking young trees give added reinforcement when young trees are beginning to grow. Oftentimes, the small root system can’t support the branches and leaves above. With heavy storms in the Summer and Winter, staking can also give the newly developing plants the support they need to grow.

Are you concerned that you may need a tree staked or braced? Call today for a free consultation with your local Longs Peak Tree Service pros They’ll perform a complimentary assessment of the condition of your trees.  We’re ready to assist you! Whether you have questions about our trimming services or tree removal in Longmont, give us a call today!

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