Tree Diseases

Treating and Preventing Tree Diseases

Our Longmont tree removal crew knows about the impact of a tree disease and how it can quickly progress from an unhealthy tree to a safety issue.

Longs Peak Tree service workers can work to improve the health of your tree, by getting to the root cause of the disease and help to revive it and get it back to a healthy state. Here’s what our tree care team focuses on:

  • Diagnosing: We work to properly identify and diagnose the tree’s disease.
  • Treating: We use specialized ingredients that target the disease that’s infecting your tree.
  • Correcting: After we’ve identified the disease, we’ll work to correct the condition around the tree. We may recommend pruning or improving the soil to prevent future issues.
Tree removal in Longmont, CO

Disease Treatment

Your Longs Peak Tree Service arborist will create a customized disease treatment plan that will target the specific pathogen. For more information, read below.

We’ll Identify and Treat the Specific Disease

Your tree service professional in Longmont will visually inspection the leaves, branches, and trunk to look for and identify specific diseases. Once identified, we’ll recommend treatments for the disease that’s based on the tree’s species. We also may advise you on other treatments to get your tree healthy again, like fertilization and soil amendments. This will allow your tree to recover more quickly and prevent future disease.

Improve the Site Conditions.

The site conditions of your tree can greatly affect its resistance to diseases. Your Longmont tree service pro will examine the site and soil conditions to identify anything that might potentially cause the tree to become infected. Many people don’t realize that tree diseases are often caused by excess moisture. Excessive dampness in the tree’s leaves, branches, trunk or root system can contribute to disease.

Since poor site conditions can prevent disease treatments from working, your Longmont tree service pro may make recommendations to improve the site conditions before beginning treatments.

Are you concerned that your tree is diseased? Call today for a free consultation with your local Longs Peak Tree Service pros. They’ll perform a complimentary assessment of the condition of your trees.  We’re ready to assist you! Whether you have questions about our trimming services or tree removal in Longmont, give us a call today!

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