Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Services

Longmont residents, give your trees what they need to thrive with our fertilization services.

Trees need proper nutrients to become healthy! Trees in the city (such as Longmont) don’t get the same nutrients that trees in the natural forest get. They don’t have access to the same top soil. They also don’t get the benefits of leaves and organic matter that breakdown into nutrients on the forest floor. Instead, cities like Longmont are paved and we also often sweep up leaves and other debris that trees often need, so that we can keep our lawns looking tidy.

Longs Peak Tree Service’s professionals can help with fertilizing your trees to keep them healthy! Here’s how we can assist:

  • We will assess your trees and the soil they grow in. We do this through soil tests and a visual inspection of the soil.
  • We identify the nutrients that will help your trees thrive.
  • We will apply fertilization treatments. Many times we’ll only need just one or two applications each year. This will often remedy nutrient deficiency, discourage disease and insect problems!
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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is something that our tree service crew uses to deliver nutrients and soil treatments directly to your tree and its root systems. Our team of experts use specialized equipment that injects the fertilizer right into the root area. When we do this, it effectively replenishes the soil with the nutrients trees need to stay healthy.

Our fertilization technique also helps to aerate the often compacted Colorado soil. This allows both water and oxygen to reach the root system, where it can easily be absorbed.

What’s a soil analysis?

Soil analysis is the first step that our Longs Peak Tree Service professionals do before we fertilize your tree.

As we discussed earlier, the health of your trees is directly correlated to the condition of the soil they grow in. This is the reason why we examine your soil closely, first. We begin with a professional laboratory analysis of soil samples from your property. The soil analysis tell us nutrient content, pH levels, the amount of organic matter, and other important information.

Our tree service experts will also assess your property with you. We’ll identify any surrounding conditions that could be affecting the surrounding soil and your tree’s health.

Fertilization Blends

Once we get the soil analysis back, we’ll go to work to prepare the right blend of fertilization based on your soil results and our visual inspection. We’ll create a custom plan that will give your tree the right nutrients to sustain their health.

Longs Peak Tree Services uses fertilizer and soil improvement products that we developed with our exclusive partners who are experts in this industry. They create premium blends that allow our our team to give the soil the essential nutrients that your tree will need. By building a healthy soil and root system, your trees can access what they need to properly feed and hydrate themselves all year long.

Do you need tree fertilization assistance? Call today for a free consultation with your local Longs Peak arborist. They’ll perform a complimentary assessment of your soil. We’ll also recommend strategies for fertilization. We’re ready to assist you! Whether you have questions about our trimming services or tree removal in Longmont, give us a call today!