Versatile Trees and Shrubs

Ever wonder what the technical or botanical differences are between trees and shrubs? Is a shrub really just a shorter tree? We’ve got you covered with answers to these questions and more with this passage from The Complete Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs, a fantastic resource guide worth having in your landscaping resource library. WhileContinue reading “Versatile Trees and Shrubs”

Expert Tree Care Tips for Transplanting & Pruning

The following article comes directly from The Biodynamic Orchard Book. And although the book primarily pertains to advice for cultivating trees, berries, and shrubs using biodynamic methods, it also contains some excellent general purpose information for tree care and maintenance which we often refer to ourselves and to our readers as a reference. And rememberContinue reading “Expert Tree Care Tips for Transplanting & Pruning”

Common Tree and Shrub Myths

Spring is just around the corner, and along with it – planting and growing season! In the spirit of the change of season, we pulled the following article from our reference library of landscaping topics. This time, we decided to share some useful information from one our favorite guide books, Gardening Myths, which includes someContinue reading “Common Tree and Shrub Myths”

At Home in the Forest: How Landscapes Form

We often take for granted why certain trees may grow in a given region of the Unites States, but others do not. Yet, have you ever pondered the complexities of how landscapes form? Of which environmental conditions give rise to various tree species? Of how conditions like drought or flooding might affect which trees mightContinue reading “At Home in the Forest: How Landscapes Form”

Today’s Landscaping Challenges

In the following passage from Trees in the Landscape, first published in London 1983, the following question is posed while presenting a more romantic take on sustainability concerns: have we the faith in the future that is needed to do the planting? Rarely are matters of faith taken into consideration when bombarded with the facts,Continue reading “Today’s Landscaping Challenges”

Everything You Need to Know About Pruning

We love sharing useful tips with our clients and customers – that’s why we strive to discover the best resources and information to share with our readers, especially when it comes to general maintenance practices like watering and pruning. This article comes to you from one of our favorite resource guides, The Homeowner’s Complete TreeContinue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Pruning”

How Plants Cope Naturally with Pests and Diseases

We recently came across this article in Growing Trees from Seed, and felt compelled to share it with our readers! The book itself is a fantastic resource with in depth info and practical tips for growing native trees, vines and shrubs. The following article does a great job of discussing the role of genetic diversity,Continue reading “How Plants Cope Naturally with Pests and Diseases”

Basics of Tree Care & Maintenance on Your Property

Regardless of if you have a yard that’s full of lush greenery or just a few trees, you need to ensure it is properly cared for and maintained. This is the only way you can feel confident it will continue to grow and thrive.  While it may seem as though tree care is only somethingContinue reading “Basics of Tree Care & Maintenance on Your Property”

Best Practices For Safely Felling a Tree

In this article, you’ll learn why homeowners should always leave tree removal to the pros!! A mature tree can be dozens of feet tall and weigh many tons. When a tree of any size needs to be felled, real danger will always be present.  Even the tools used to fell trees require careful handling andContinue reading “Best Practices For Safely Felling a Tree”